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What Is Binance App?

Binance is one of the best crypto exchange platforms in 2023. Now I tell you this app a few Q & A, and this answer to get $0.5 in rewards. This rewards instant withdrawal into your bank account. This exchange is the same as hobi pro and suncrypto. This app is available on the Google Play Store with and 4.4 ratings and 50M+ downloads. Now I tell you how to account create on this exchange. Let’s see…

Binance App Download

Binance Register Process

This exchange account is created very quickly and simply. Now I tell you the step-by-step registration process…

  • Step 1. Now first click on the register button and next you redirect to the Google Play Store
  • Step 2. Now install this app and open it
  • Step 3. Now you see the signup page and two options with the signup process
  • Step 4. 1st mobile number and 2nd e-mail id


  • Step 5. Now choose your mobile number and tap to signup button.
  • Step 6. Now first enter your mobile number and tic on the T&C option.
  • Step 7. Next page enter your mobile number OTP and click on the submit button.

Now your registration process is complete and next you are redirected to the app home page. Next, I tell you how to compel your identity to verify on this app, Let’s see…

Binance Identity Verify

After completing your registration process, then first open this app. Now first verify your account, and now I tell you how to complete identity verification…

  • First, open this app
  • Next tap on to profile option, now you see the verify option.
  • Next, click this option, and you redirected to the identity verification page
  • On this page first, select your country, and next click on the Start now option.
  • Next page enter your full name and date of birth, then click on the continue button.



  • Next page first enter your full address, pin, city, and your PAN card number, then click on the continue button.
  • Now wait a few seconds and next, you redirect to the last page
  • On this page click to verify the Aadhar OTP option, and tap to continue option or upload your Aadhar card with this app.
  • Next page enter your aadhaar card number and fill in a captcha, then tap on the next option.
  • Next page enter your aadhaar card OTP and click on the continue option, next page allows a few permission


Now your identity verification process is complete and your kyc is under process. Now, wait a few hours and your kyc successfully verify now. Next, I tell you how to go quiz and answer, let’s see…

 How To Go Binance Quiz

  • First, open this app
  • Next, click on the profile option, 
  • Next, tap on Finance Pro, and next, you redirect to the pro version.
  • Next, click on the p2p option, now allow a few permission
  • Next, tap on Three buttons and again click on the reply guide option

Now you see all the quizzes, I tell you all the quizzes and answers. Let’s see…

Binance All Quiz & Answers

This app quiz same as the Indmoney quiz…

  1. Which Limitation of bridges does Polkadot address?

Ans:- They have limited functionality and security flaws

2. What is blockspace?

Ans:- The core product of blockchains

3. What is the mission of Polkadot?

Ans:- The power of the movement for a better web

4. Which stage companies does Polkadot support?

Ans- All of the options

5. Polkadot developers who need more functionality and scalability should build:

Ans- A custom blockchain

6. Which of the following are use cases that Polkadot supports?

Ans- All of the options

7. Which of the following is not a benefit of building a custom blockchain on Polkadot?

Ans- Built-in all features

8. What term did Polkadot’s founder coin?

Ans- Web 3.0

9. What does interoperability mean on Polkadot?

Ans- Apps and services can securely communicate across blockchains

10. Which of the following is the founder of Polkadot?

Ans- Gavin wood

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