WhatsApp is the biggest platform in the world for sharing massage and images. This app new offers lunch, UPI creates and gets 105 flat cashback. You just pay any friends only 1 and get 35 for three times. This offers is the same as the Amazon application.

Hi friends I hope you are very well and healthy this time. Today I tell you about WhatsApp’s new UPI offer. I know you must use Whatsapp applications. This app adds new features, this feature name is money transfer same Paytm application. This app’s offer is not for all users, but now I tell ” how to show all user offer for WhatsApp”. Let’s start…

1. Whatsapp sends money and gets ₹105

This app’s new feature is money transfer. This futures and offer send money to any 3 friends just 1 and get 105 flat.

  • Step 1. First, open your this app
  • Step 2. Now click to three lines and tap to payment option.
  • Step 3. Next, you see the full offer and tap to this offer
  • Step 4. Now send money to any friends and get 35 per transaction.

2. Whatsapp offers not to show, all trick

This offer is not for all but now I tell 3 tricks and show the offer to your Whatsapp app.

Trick 1.

  • First, update your WhatsApp app’s Latest version from the play store and wait a few minutes and show an offer to your account.

Trick 2.

  • The next trick is very easy, first, open this application
  • Next, tap to payment option and remove your bank account and wait.

Trick 3.

  • The last trick is 99.9% work. first, open this app
  • Next tap on three lines and now click on the setting option.
  • Next click the help option and next tap to about UPI payment and legal name option.
  • Next, you redirect to the WhatsApp help center page, and you scroll down this page and now you see a question
  • Now tap to yes button and complete. Now wait a few minutes and this offer shows your account.
  • Enjoy

I hope you understand “how to apply this offer “. Thanks for reading our articles, please support and comment and join our telegrams channel.

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